We offer a complete range of competition and road transmission products which have been tried and tested over the last 38 years. Our extensive knowledge of A Series and B Series competition vehicles has allowed us to develop a range of components that offer proven performance and reliability.

Gearbox Kits

Our gearboxes have continued to feature in a vast number winning cars all over the world during the last 38 years. Developed from a wealth of knowledge and experience we have a range of straight cut and dog engagement gear kits available as well as numerous road specification gearboxes to suit a host of vehicle applications.
Whether race, rally or hill climb; we can supply a solution for you. Each transmission unit is precisely prepared with all tolerances and pre-loads checked prior to final assembly to maintain excellent strength and reliability.
For further details of our range of gear kits or to discuss specification please contact one of the PME team.


We offer a range of differentials for the A Series and B Series transmission cars. Be it for race, rally or road applications, we have a product to suit your needs. Our products continue to be used by many front running cars and have featured in numerous championship victories.
Whether rebuild or brand new unit we can help provide you transmission remains in peak performance.


Our vast range of halfshaft products have proven competition pedigree and continue to be used across the globe in historic motorsport in both A and B Series cars.
Our range covers both wire wheel and pressed wheel hub configurations. The pressed wheel shaft is made from EN 24 with the flange shrunk on to a taper with a safety nut. The wire wheel shaft is made from EN 24 with the new splined hub pressed onto the splines.
Whether one of our off-the-shelf solution or a bespoke order we can provide product to suit your needs. Contact the team for further information.