In the United Kingdom there are eight circuit Motor Racing series which cater for MG Midgets and Austin Healey Sprites.

Since 1985 Peter May Engineering has been actively involved in these series and our engines and gearboxes have won many titles.

The involvement in Midget Racing stretches back to the 1960’s when Peter May worked with Modsport Midget drivers such as Roger Enever, John Britten, Arnie Poole and Gabriel Konig. During the 1970’s Peter May also owned and raced two of the most famous Modsport cars in history – the ex-Roger Enever Midget 138 DMO and also the ex-John Britten Midget SS1800.

Peter May Engineering wish to congratulate the following drivers for their success, using our engines and gearboxes:

Adie Ball
Adrian Moore
Andrew Actman
Andy Southcott
Charles Marriot
Chris Alford
David Jenkins
David Weston
Dean Stanton
Dominic Mooney
Don Third
Donald Nagels

Edward Reeve
Frazer Graham
Gary Waite
Ian Stagg
James Thacker
John Newton
John Thacker
Les Grimshaw
Martin Elson
Martin Morris
Martyn Clews
Max Whitehouse

Mike Jordan
Murray Wakeham
Nigel Pratt
Pat Harris
Paul Baker
Pippa Cow
Richard Bryon
Richard Homer
Robin Johnson
Rod Young
Sam Healey
Tom Walker