Race engine development

The team at Peter May Engineering works in partnership with their customers to deliver race-winning performance and superb reliability whatever car, championship or event they compete in. Engineered to bespoke customer requirements, we can deliver a race engine to suit your exact needs.

From full house long stroke race units, to strict FIA historic engines, we have the race-winning pedigree to build any specification required. For 40 years our engineers have been developing engines that can outperform much larger competition, yet still deliver incredible reliability.

Every engine is approached in the same manner. Each engine sold is matched to the customer’s exact requirements and is developed to provide the highest level of performance allowed by their championship regulations.

Every one of our engines is built using state-of-the-art machining processes and equipment. Each engine is meticulously constructed and only the very best components are used, to ensure the highest production standards.

Whether an A Series or B Series power unit, great attention is always taken to maximise each engine component, to ensure the best performance can be achieved. In fact, our extensive racing history has given us the knowledge and experience to extract the very last BHP from every engine, without compromising reliability.


Maintaining engine performance throughout a season is vitally important. To help our customers ensure that maximum performance and reliability is sustained, we offer a range of mid and post season engine checks. These sessions include a simple component check and refresh, to full rebuild and further development tasks.

Our very experienced team is on hand to advise anyone who has questions regarding their engines.

FROM LESS THAN 1000cc TO OVER 2000cc  

During our 40 year history, we have developed a vast range of competition engines for Midgets and Sprites, MGBs, Formula Junior single seaters and historic saloon cars such as Mini, A35 and A40 etc. Through this work, we have been able to develop a range of engine specifications that cater for all requirements.

A Series

Peter May Engineering is best known for its work with the A Series power units and has experience of developing competition winning engines for each evolution of the A Series whether, 948cc, 1098cc and 1275cc. Our engines have seen success in all forms of motorsport including racing, hillclimb, sprints and rallying.

1380 Full race A-series by Peter May

B Series

Whilst better known for our A Series power units, we have developed numerous B Series engines that have been very successful in competition. These engines continue to be used in MGBs, TVRs, Elvas and MGAs. We produce engines in a variety of specifications to suit championship regulations. i.e. FIA Appendix-K.

1840 B-series Race Engine

All of these engines are built using balanced and lightened parts, best quality competition pistons, specially developed cylinder heads with matched and flowed inlet and exhaust components.


With the growing demand for FIA Historic engines, we have developed a full range to meet these stringent regulations.

These units include: 
A Series
998cc – Mk1 Sprite / Sebring Sprite
1098cc – Formula Junior / MK 2 Sprite
1293cc – Midget / Mini / A30/35 A40

B Series
1622cc – Elva / MGA / TVR Vixen
1840cc – MGB / TVR Grantura (Crossflow head version)

Road Car Engines

Whilst our core business involves us developing highly tuned competition engines, we have also used our years of experience to developed engines for road use. All of our road engines receive the same engineering and development as our race units.