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1.x – Front Suspension and Steering

2.x – Rear Suspension

3.x – Brakes

4.x Fibreglass Panels

5.x – Transmission

6.x Fuel System

7.x Engine

8.x General

Stock CodeProduct
1.1Standard anti-roll bar link (each)
1.2Springs (pair) 400lb 8" free length
1.3Springs (pair) 500lb 7 1/4" free length
1.4Springs (pair) 600 lb 6 3/4" free length
1.5Springs made to order
1.5.1Front Lowering Kit - 3/4"
1.5.2Front Lowering Kit - 1 1/4"
1.65/8" Anti-roll bar
1.711/16" Anti-roll bar
1.83/4" Anti-roll bar
1.9.1Polybush roll bar block kit
1.9.2Roll bar strap (metal strap)
1.10.1Anti-roll bar mounting plate
1.11Rose jointed anti-roll bar link kit
1.12.1Polybush Wishbone kit
1.13Rubber wishbone kit
1.14Negative camber trunnion kit
1.15Replacement bush set
1.4.1Adjustable negative camber trunnion
1.15.1Polybush top trunnion kit
1.15.2Rubber trunnion bush ( each )
1.16Top trunnion spacer kit
1.17Top trunnion pin and nut
1.18uprated damper (exchange)
1.18.SStandard damper (exchange)
1.18.1Front damper top link kit
1.19Reconditioned stub axle (exchange) built up with new dust tubes etc
1.19.1Steering arm lock tab
1.20.1New Midget / Sprite Wishbone
1.21Outer lower fulcrum pin
1.22Inner lower fulcrum pin and nut
1.22.1Inner fulcrum washer
1.23Cotter pin and nut
1.24Grease plug and nipple
1.25Wheel bearing kit
1.25.1Oil seal (Hub)
1.26.1Reconditioned early steering rack (exchange)
1.26.2Reconditioned late steering rack (exchange)
1.26.3Steering rack gaiter
1.27Track rod end (early type)
1.28Track rod end (late type)
1.29Rose jointed track rod end kit - including exchange steering arms
2.1.1Springs (each) 1275 - 3" lowered
2.6Springs (each) 1/4 elliptic lowered and softened
2.7Alloy rose jointed quarter elliptic radius arm (pair)
2.8Lowering block kit
2.91/4 elliptic spring lowering wedge (pair)
2.1Standard U-bolt and nuts
2.11Long U-bolt and nuts
2.121/4 elliptic spring u bolt
2.12.11/4 elliptic spring spring plate
2.15Rubber spring pad (each)
2.15.1Polybush spring pad (set)
2.15.2Alloy spring pad (set)
2.16Metalistic front eye bush
2.16.1Eye bush bolt and washers
2.17Rubber shackle bush
2.17.1Poly shackle bush (set)
2.18Spring front mounting plate
2.19Rear shackle
2.2Uprated damper (exchange)
2.20.SStandard damper ( exchange )
2.21Damper link
2.22Check strap
2.22.1Telescopic AVO adjustable damper kit 1/4 elliptic
2.23Rose-jointed Panhard rod kit 1/4 elliptic
2.23.1Rose-jointed Panhard rod kit semi elliptic
2.24.1Replacement bearing and seal set for double bearing hub (per side)
2.24.2Double bearing hub seal
2.25Hub bearing and seal kit
2.26Hub lock washer
2.27Axle gasket and O-ring kit
2.28Hub gasket
2.29Hub seal
2.3Differential gasket
2.31Pinion oil seal
3.1Standard brake shoes (riveted)
3.1.19" Front disc kit including forged alloy 4 pot callipers and hoses ( cannot be used with wire wheels)
3.1.2Hawk pads for alloy callipers
3.1.3Mintex M1155 pads for alloy callipers in Type 950 kit
3.1.4Wilwood Smart pads for for alloy calliper
3.2Reconditioned caliper (exchange)
3.3Type 900 kit excluding calipers and hoses
3.49 1/4" rear disc kit including alloy 2 pot calipers and hoses
3.4.1Wilwood Smart pads for rear disc kit
3.4.2Replacement discs (type 900, 950 and 9" alloy kits )
3.6M1144 pads
3.7M1155 pads
3.7.1M1155 pads (metro callipers)
3.8M1144 pads (Type 900)
3.8.1Green Stuff Pads
3.8.2Green Stuff Pads (Type 900)
3.8.3M1155 pads (type 900)
3.8.4M1155 pads (V8)
3.9Standard pads
3.9.1Standard Pads (Type 900)
3.10.1Standard brake shoes (bonded
3.10.2Top brake shoe spring
3.10.3Bottom brake spring
3.11Standard frogeye brake shoes (riveted)
3.121275 rear wheel cylinder
3.13Braided brake hose (each)
3.15AP 551 Racing brake fluid (500 ml)
3.17Brembo brake disc (pair)
3.19Brake drum
3.20.1Caliper lock tab
3.21Pad retaining kit
3.22Rear brake adjuster kit
3.24Pedal return spring
3.25.1Hydraulic brake light switch
3.35Triple cylinder pedal box including balance bar
3.35.1Pedal box cover
4.1One piece rear (Frogeye)
4.2Rear roundarch wing
4.3Single skin bonnet
4.4Single skin boot lid
4.5One piece front (Midget)
4.6One piece front (Frogeye)
4.6.1One piece SEBRING front
4.7One piece front including arches and air dam
4.8Replacement air dam
4.9One piece rear (Midget)
4.12Polycarbonate window kit
4.13Lightweight Frogeye hardtop shell
4.141275 Door
4.15Frogeye door
4.17Wheel arch extensions - 4 1/2" (pair)
4.17.11275 Air Dam
4.18Bonnet hinge
5.21275 Full length braided clutch hose
5.3Mainshaft rear bush
5.3.1Remote clutch bleed kit
5.4Heavy Duty 1275 Clutch Plate
5.4.1Standard 1275 clutch plate
5.5Borg and Beck 1275 Clutch cover
5.61275 Roller release bearing kit" Roller release bearing kit
5.6.2Replacement roller bearing
5.71275 Carbon release bearing
5.7.11275 standard clutch kit
5.87.5" Rally clutch plate ( AP )
5.97.5" Rally clutch plate ( Helix )" Rally clutch plate -Ford- ( Helix)" heavy duty Rally clutch cover ( Helix )
5.17.25" Formula 3 clutch plate
5.127.25" Formula 3 Lug drive clutch cover - advise balancing
5.13Concentric clutch bearing kit for F3 clutch- Hydraulic
5.13.2Replacement hydraulic concentric bearing
5.13.3Hydraulic clutch cylinder seal kit
5.14Gearbox front cover with oil seal (new casting)
5.14.1Front cover replacement seal
5.15Straight cut gear set
5.15.1Straight cut second gear
5.15.2Straight cut third gear
5.15.3Straight cut laygear
5.15.4Straight cut first motion shaft
5.16First gear
5.17Reverse gear
5.17.1Helical lay gear
5.18HD 1275 Main shaft
5.19Straight cut gearbox including oil seal front cover (exchange)
5.19.20Straight cut gearbox including oil seal front cover and new mainshaft (exchange)
5.19.3Dog Box including oil seal front cover and mainshaft
5.21Selector fork 1st - 2nd
5.22.HLayshaft - heavy duty
5.23Layshaft bearing
5.23.HLayshaft bearing - heavy duty
5.241st-3rd Motion shaft bearing
5.25Baulk ring
5.26Gasket set
5.27Rear oil seal
5.281st Motion shaft bearing
5.28.H1st Motion shaft bearing - heavy duty
5.29Mainshaft bearing
5.29.HMainshaft bearing - heavy duty
5.31Clutch fork pivot bush
5.31.1Clutch fork
5.31.2Clutch fork pivot bolt
5.32Competition 1/2 shaft (pressed wheels)  576mm
5.32.1A40 competition 1/2 shaft 607mm
5.32.2Morris Minor competition 1/2 shaft  653mm
5.33.SCompetition 1/2 shaft (wire wheels with new hubs) for use in original wire wheel axle case 560mm
5.33.LCompetition 1/2 shaft (wire wheels with new hubs) for use in pressed wheel axle case  570mm
5.33.MGBMGB Competition 1/2 shafts - Steel Wheel banjo axle crown wheel and pinion crown wheel and pinion crown wheel and pinion
5.35Limited slip differential - plate type
5.36Castrol LSD oil (1 litre)
5.36.1Millers Dog Box oil (1 litre)
5.37Slave cylinder (22mm)
5.37.1Slave cylinder ( 1.0") 1275
5.38Pushrod and clevis pin for 5.37
5.39Clutch Master
6.2Facet' Silver Top 6.5 psi pump
6.2.14 psi race fuel pump
6.3Straight union
6.490 degree union
6.5Filter King regulator
6.6In-Line one-way valve
6.7Millers CVL Competition Valve Lubricant (250ml)
6.1In-Line filter
6.11Polished & modified inlet manifold for 1.25" S.U. carbs(exchange)
6.1245 DCOE Weber
6.13Jetting charge (including jets)
6.13.1Weber chokes (pair)
6.14Weber fitting kit
6.15Weber linkage kit
6.15.1Cable for linkage kit (Long cable)
6.16Webber Misab plate
6.17Air filter socks (pair)
6.17.1Double air filter socks
6.18Maniflow 7" fabricated inlet manifold
7.1Thick cored radiator (exchange)
7.1.1Replacement seal
7.1.2Rear main oil seal kit  - 948/1098
7.1.3Rear main oil seal kit - 1098 2" main bearing 10CC prefix only
7.1.4Hi-spec rear main seal kit - 1275 only and fit Hi-spec rear main seal kit - 1275
7.2Light weight Steel camshaft chain drive with vernier
7.3Sump gasket set
7.4Oil pressure valve and spring
7.5Camshaft bearing set
7.6Re-bore and power hone (1380)
7.7Fit cam bearings
7.8.1ARP Big end nut and bolt set
7.8.2ARP big end nut
7.11.2Crankshaft pulley with damper
7.11.3Crankshaft lock tab
7.11.4Crankshaft key
7.11.5Crankshaft to flywheel dowel
7.11.6Flywheel to clutch dowel
7.12Omega cast pistons (all sizes)
7.12.1Omega lightweight forged pistons
7.13Omega piston ring set
7.14Mahle Standard pistons (set)
7.14.1Mahle 73.5 pistons
7.15Competition steel conrod set
7.16.1Cross drilled billet camshaft (all profiles)
7.16.2Camshaft lock tab
7.16.3Camshaft nut
7.16.4Camshaft key
7.19Alloy camshaft chain drive with Vernier
7.21Belt drive seals (2)
7.23Iwis timing chain
7.24Camshaft thrust plate
7.25Lightened cam followers (set)
7.26Standard cam followers (set)
7.27Cometic head gasket ( 0.060")
7.27.1Cometic head gasket ( 0.040")
7.27.2Black Metro head gasket
7.27.3Small bore copper composite head gasket
7.27.4Small bore copper composite head set
7.28Competition manifold gasket
7.29Conversion gasket set
7.29.1Conversion gasket set - Payne
7.31Sump gasket set with rubber seals
7.32Rocker cover gasket
7.33Valve stem oil seal
7.34Head stud set
7.34.1ARP Head stud set ( 11 stud)
7.34.3ARP head stud set ( 9 stud)
7.351275 Baffled sump (exchange)
7.36Oil pump
7.36.1Oil pump cover (1275)
7.37Oil cooler hose take offs (pair)
7.37.1Sandwich Plate (A+)
7.37.2Remote Filter Head
7.37.3Filter Take Off Cap (A+)
7.37.4Billet oil filter head for spin on filter
7.38Braided oil pressure gauge hose
7.38.1Oil gauge Tee piece
7.38.220lb oil pressure warning light switch
7.39Non-vented oil cap
7.39.1Red Metro filler cap
7.40.1Magnetic sump plug
7.40.2Sump plug
cp.ecore plug early
cp.lcore plug late
7.411275 oil filter
7.41.1Marina oil filter
7.41.2Oil gallery plug
7.42Fast road distributor - side entry cap
7.43Full race distributor - side entry cap
7.44Ignitor electronic ignition kit (-ve earth)
7.44.3Black Ignitor epoxy filled coil
7.45NGK Spark plugs - BP7ES / B8ES
7.46.1BR8EIX - set
7.4745D Side entry distributor cap
7.47.1Rotor arm
7.48Plug lead set
7.48.1Magnecor lead set Roller tipped rockers Roller rockers
7.51Rocker shaft
7.52Rocker shaft - competition
7.53Bronze alloy valve guide set
7.55Alloy engine backplate
7.55.1Alloy rocker cover
7.55.2Alloy rocker cover with breathers
7.56Rose jointed engine steady bar kit - 2 way
7.58Steel flywheel for F3 clutch including starter ring
7.58.1Steel Flywheel For 7 1/2" Clutch including starter ring
7.58.2Steel 4-bolt centre main cap
7.58.3Steel rear main cap
7.58.4Steel centre main strap kit
7.59Re-bore and power hone (up to +060)
7.61Regrind crank
7.62Nitro-carburized & polish crank
7.63Lighten flywheel
7.64Machine flywheel for 7 1/2" clutch
7.65Drill and tap block for 2 extra studs
7.66Balance crank assembly
7.67Balance pistons and end-to-end balance rods
7.68Re-face cylinder head
7.69Re-face cylinder block
7.71Supply and fit starter ring
7.71.1Peg starter ring to flywheel
7.72Maniflow LCB exhaust manifold (road going)
7.73Maniflow LCB exhaust manifold (full race)
7.75Maniflow LCB "through the car"
7.76.6Exhaust cotton reel
7.76.7Exhaust heelboard mounting
RV1Replacement valves
RC-SSRace spring set
RD-SSRoad spring set
EngineFast road and racing engines can be built to specifications to suit the customer's requirements. Please phone or e-mail us and we can prepare a quote to suit your specific needs.
HeadWe can also supply fast road or race cylinder heads to suit specific needs. Please phone or e-mail us and we can quote for your specific needs.
7.84Temperature gauge adaptor and washer
7.85Thermostat gasket
7.86Heater tap gasket
7.87Thermostat sleeve
7.88Water pump
7.89Starter ring
7.91Dipstick tube
7.92Manifold stud
7.96Throttle cable
7.97Engine mounting rubber
7.98Gearbox mounting rubber
7.99Gearbox mounting pad
7.100.1Alloy radiator - early original style
7.100.2Alloy radiator - late original style
7.100.3Radiator cap
7.100.4Early top hose
7.100.5Late bottom hose - bottom tube to radiator
7.100.6Late top hose
7.100.7Later short bottom hose for crossflow radiator - water pump to radiator
7.100.8MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite long bottom hose for vertical flow radiator for water pump to radiator
7.101.1ARP flywheel bolt set
7.102Fan belts
7.103Large diameter dynamo / alternator pulley
7.104Inertia starter motor
8.13/8" Wheel spacers (pair) with studs
8.2Polycarbonate windscreen
8.24Aero catches
8.4Oil radiator - 10 row
8.5Oil radiator - 13 row
8.7Standard oil cooler hose (from)
8.8Braided oil cooler hose (from)
8.12Battery master switch (plain)
8.13Battery master switch (protected)
8.21Screen glazing seal
8.25Fasteners (pair) spring
8.26Fasteners (pair) pin
8.27Decal sheet
8.28Chrome bulge wheel nuts
8.28.1Wheel studs over 50mm long
8.28.2Wheel studs - standard front
8.28.3Wheel studs - standard rear
8.29R40 Racing Oil 1 litre
8.29.5R40 Racing Oil 5 litres
ark1Front Panel
ark2Arkley Rear One Piece Panel
ark3Arkley MG Midget and Sprite Body Kit
3.1Type 950 9.5" front disk kit
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